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​Specializing In

Mindfulness-Based AND Somatic Therapies

Grief, Loss, Heartbreak and Anxiety

Mindful Self-Compassion and Loving Kindness

Deep in our wounds are seeds

waiting to grow beautiful flowers”

Welcome to my website!

        I’m delighted you found me.      

This sacred soul work is my heart’s joy and passion, and I hope you find inspiration and respite here. ​ I’ve been a psychospiritual therapist and seminar leader since 1990, and on my own path of healing and awakening since 1982 - always using mindfulness-based and somatic modalities grounded in the great wisdom traditions and practices. 

With an unshakeable belief in your natural ability to heal and thrive, and twenty-plus years of helping people through their darkest nights of the soul - a sanctuary of trust, nurturing wisdom and deep healing is here for you. 

The greatest gifts I have to offer are the twin jewels of compassion and loving kindness, and the wisdom and heart presence I’ve cultivated, as a result of my own inner awakening and transformation, over the last thirty-four years. 

I’m coming to the end of re-designing this website, but still not there yet, so until Spring 2022,  a few pages are still missing. If you’re interested in heart-opening, soul-awakening poetry, videos, meditations and more, they are coming very soon.

       I look forward to beginning our journey together!  

           May the blessing of self-loving kindness be yours always🧡

The ultimate aim of psychotherapy 

is a fully transparent, undefended heart”

Thomas Moore 

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